Curry Roasted Veggies

My husband and I are participating in our first farm share which means a slew of new vegetables each week – Yay! With so many veggies, I need to a) use them and b) use them creatively. Now, I’ve have some wins (see below) but I’ve also had some misses, like when I roasted radishes with sugar and cinnamon. Seemed like a good idea at the time but they were too intensely sweet!

For this quick and ultra easy dinner, roasted veggies speaks to me like no other! There’s something about the caramelization of the onion tips that creates a blissful happy dance in my mouth!


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Stuffed Peppers…Rootie Foodie Style.

Fellow foodies and readers: I took a brief hiatus to explore the culinary offerings of California and now I’m back with more delicious recipes and experiences to share!

I really love making dinners that will also give me lunch for the next day!  It helps speed things up when I’m one foot out the door!

We I made stuffed peppers recently and they were delicious! This dish is turkey-based but can absolutely be made vegetarian.

stuffed peppers

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Chili Sauteed Onions

I love cooking with onions! They are healthy, great in salads, roasted or sautéed and super easy to regrow! (I will be attempting this very soon!) In the words of Julia Child: “I can’t imagine a world without onions!”

Earlier this year, I posted my  Smokehouse Turkey Burger recipe but didn’t get a chance to show off the finished product, which includes…..yep, onions! Just look at those savory morsels!!

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Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms

My great aunt was a great cook. I remember her coming to our house, when my sister and I were young, and cooking all her favorite Italian dishes.

One of her specialties was stuffed mushrooms. Now, I’m pretty sure I never ate them because I have only recently grown a like/tolerance for them. I’d say I’m still in the basic liking stages, only eating them in certain dishes and when I feel like it.

The memory of Aunt Kay, as we called her, making these stuffed mushrooms, conjures feelings of that simple time when we were little kids. Watching her prepare these (all those years ago), I always thought they were time consuming, but I was delightfully wrong. These deliciously, semi-spicy white cap Stuffed Mushrooms are only five (5) ingredients. Six, if you count the oven! I am positive that Aunt Kay would approve!

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Last Minute BBQ Sauce

Ribs? Check. Grill? Check. BBQ Sauce? After a quick scour of the fridge, no such luck. Ribs without sauce? Only if you go to Rendezvous!

With the ribs ready to eat, we needed BBQ sauce, stat!  My husband and I threw together this Last Minute BBQ Sauce that was finger-lickin’ amazing!

BBQ Sauce2

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Roasted Asparagus Risotto

Risotto. One of those complicated dishes you only order at a restaurant, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not true! This Roasted Asparagus Risotto was fantastic and super easy (my husband and I had seconds)! 

roasted asparagus risotto

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Why You Should Eat Like My Grandpa: An American Soldier’s Comfort Food Reimagined (by Ian S. Levine)

When I was seven, my grandfather gave me my first cooking lesson in the kitchen of his Florida home. Surrounded by blood orange trees and the smell just before a big storm, I felt my knife’s stainless steel blade balanced, cold, and right in my hand. He cleared his throat. A sign to watch him.

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Key Lime Pie!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In an effort to be festive today, I wore my flashing clover earrings! I also made a lovely tart but sweet Key Lime Pie! Whenever I am at a restaurant (and have room for dessert), I will order the key lime pie to see how it compares to my previous pie ventures. This recipe is a mixture of 3 of the best recipes that I found online (IMHO). My key lime filling is a marriage between @iamahoneybee and @FuelinRoadie

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5 Minute Bubble Tea – Really!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE bubble tea. There’s a great place right by my university that I used to go to all the time – the food was decent but the bubble tea was fantastic! Alas, since I now live two states away, it’s hard for me to get over there. So, whenever I’m out and about, I always try bubble tea but nothing has come close to the other place.

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Key Lime Yogurt Parfait

During my recent trip to this fabulous Asian food market, H Mart, I picked up this large bag of key limes. My husband said, “You must really like lime!” Why yes, I do like lime! I especially like key lime pie – of which I will be on the hunt for a good recipe, so keep an eye out for that creation soon.

However, this morning, I wanted something for breakfast with yogurt and a citrus crunch. And so, Key Lime Yogurt Parfait was created!

Key Lime Yogurt Parfait

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