Key Lime Pie!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In an effort to be festive today, I wore my flashing clover earrings! I also made a lovely tart but sweet Key Lime Pie! Whenever I am at a restaurant (and have room for dessert), I will order the key lime pie to see how it compares to my previous pie ventures. This recipe is a mixture of 3 of the best recipes that I found online (IMHO). My key lime filling is a marriage between @iamahoneybee and @FuelinRoadie

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Key Lime Yogurt Parfait

During my recent trip to this fabulous Asian food market, H Mart, I picked up this large bag of key limes. My husband said, “You must really like lime!” Why yes, I do like lime! I especially like key lime pie – of which I will be on the hunt for a good recipe, so keep an eye out for that creation soon.

However, this morning, I wanted something for breakfast with yogurt and a citrus crunch. And so, Key Lime Yogurt Parfait was created!

Key Lime Yogurt Parfait

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