Last Minute BBQ Sauce

Ribs? Check. Grill? Check. BBQ Sauce? After a quick scour of the fridge, no such luck. Ribs without sauce? Only if you go to Rendezvous!

With the ribs ready to eat, we needed BBQ sauce, stat!  My husband and I threw together this Last Minute BBQ Sauce that was finger-lickin’ amazing!

BBQ Sauce2

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Tuscan Sun-dried Tomato Sauce

While cooking last night’s Walnut Crusted Tilapia, my husband threw together this quick and delicious Tuscan Sun-dried Tomato Sauce that I just HAD to share. I must say I’m very proud of him for creating  such a sauce that is usually only accomplished after hours of stewing. Bravo, @neuronroot.

Tuscan Sun-dried Tomato Sauce

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