The Art, the Science, and the Ritual Behind Brewing That Perfect Cuppa Joe by Ian Levine

I’m always looking for the perfect cup of coffee, and a great doughnut to complement it. I’ve been everywhere from the legendary Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, California to the unique Federal Donuts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—driving from Maryland each time for the experience of a classic dish in and of itself. I’ve tasted roasts from all over the world: café, kape, caife, coffee, C 8 10 4 2 (caffeine). It seems that no matter what language you say it in, coffee evokes something in us. Maybe you think of your first taste when you were a child. Bitter. Acidic. Face like you just sucked a lemon.

When I think of java’s counterpart, I remember driving up to Philly just for a freshly fried doughnut dusted with strawberry and lavender flavored sugar. Good jamocha and doughnuts are really hard to come by. Or so it seems. I tend to think of how I desecrated my first cup with sugar. I thought I didn’t like a strong brew, when what I really didn’t like was a bitter brew. I had no idea that ordinary kosher salt could make the grounds less acidic, or that the optimum time to pour my boiled water was fifteen seconds off the burner.

Great mud doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or time consuming. To me, it’s about the art, the science, and the ritual of brewing something that dates back to 800 B.C.E Africa; when one goat, having chewed on some cherry-red berries, changed the course of human history. It’s time to change it again.

Brew yourself the perfect cup of coffee.


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Why You Should Eat Like My Grandpa: An American Soldier’s Comfort Food Reimagined (by Ian S. Levine)

When I was seven, my grandfather gave me my first cooking lesson in the kitchen of his Florida home. Surrounded by blood orange trees and the smell just before a big storm, I felt my knife’s stainless steel blade balanced, cold, and right in my hand. He cleared his throat. A sign to watch him.

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5 Minute Bubble Tea – Really!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE bubble tea. There’s a great place right by my university that I used to go to all the time – the food was decent but the bubble tea was fantastic! Alas, since I now live two states away, it’s hard for me to get over there. So, whenever I’m out and about, I always try bubble tea but nothing has come close to the other place.

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5 Ingredient Smoothie

It’s the little things in life that make me happy and my Ninja food blender is one of them! I’m pretty sure there’s nothing this thing can’t do. I used it to make hummus (weekly), sauces, and SMOOTHIES! This handy, single serve cup is great for this recipe. It could probably serve 2 but I’m almost half way done and will probably be finished by the time I finish this post!

smoothie prep

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