5 Ingredient Smoothie

It’s the little things in life that make me happy and my Ninja food blender is one of them! I’m pretty sure there’s nothing this thing can’t do. I used it to make hummus (weekly), sauces, and SMOOTHIES! This handy, single serve cup is great for this recipe. It could probably serve 2 but I’m almost half way done and will probably be finished by the time I finish this post!

smoothie prep

You’ll need:

-Frozen Strawberries (about 5)

-Frozen Mango (5-7 chunks)

-Ripe Banana (5-7 slices)

-2 Tbs. Peanut Butter (I used TJ’s Roasted, UNsalted, Crunchy)

-Water (to make moist)


1. In a strainer, quickly run water over the frozen strawberries and mango (to remove any freezer burn).

2. Put all ingredients into blender unit.

Note – I put strawberries at the bottom but they were the hardest to grind, so I’d probably change the placement order next time.

3. Blend until smooth enough to drink. You may need to add additional water or peanut butter depending on your tastes.

4. Put the cover on and pop in a wide straw & enjoy!

Finished product of healthy goodness:



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