Why You Should Eat Like My Grandpa: An American Soldier’s Comfort Food Reimagined (by Ian S. Levine)

When I was seven, my grandfather gave me my first cooking lesson in the kitchen of his Florida home. Surrounded by blood orange trees and the smell just before a big storm, I felt my knife’s stainless steel blade balanced, cold, and right in my hand. He cleared his throat. A sign to watch him.

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Mom’s Zucchini Pie

Ah, Monday. Back to the grind and that inevitable question…”What’s for dinner?” How about Mom’s Zucchini Pie?

This very quick one-pot dish is perfect for dinner and even lunch leftovers! Growing up, my mother would make this delicious pie, which is sort of a quiche. This was one of my favorite dishes from her and it has quickly become a favorite in my family too. I hope you enjoy this savory comfort dish!

mom's zucchini pie

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Smokehouse Turkey Burgers

Beef burgers can be great. But once you try turkey burgers, you’ll be hooked! My turkey burgers recipe is so easy and “large”, you’ll have enough ready-to-make burgers at home whenever the mood strikes! Perfect for those late nights or last minute visitors, they keep well in the freezer to quickly cook when you’re ready! For that glorious topping, jump over to my Chili Sautéed Onions recipe!

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Quinoa Mozzarella Balls

I enjoy meat and fish but lately my husband and I have been eating mainly vegetarian. Meatless Monday’s are great but what about Friday’s?
I came across this recipe from Cooking Quinoa and I’m super thrilled with how easy and delicious it is! I’ve adapted the recipe slightly…enjoy!!


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Fresh Whole Wheat Fettuccine with Beef Bolognese

In this new year, it’s time to learn some new things! I recalled yesterday that I have two KitchenAid attachments that came (for free with mail-in rebate) with my stand mixer (love!). I have always wanted to make fresh pasta and when I saw that I have the Pasta Roller and Fettuccine cutter, I was super excited. When I started to review the process, I was prepared to have to use the flour-volcano with egg mixture to make the dough by hand….but found that with the KitchenAid mixer, you don’t have to!  Score!!  This recipe has been adapted from the KitchenAid one for Whole Wheat pasta. Hope you enjoy!!

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Walnut Crusted Tilapia

One of my favorite fish to eat is Tilapia. It has a mild flavor that takes well to being doctored up! This recipe has been adapted from Cook Smarts.  I was very excited to make this when I found it on Pinterest and then I start to get my ingredients together, look in the pantry, and NO ALMONDS!  😦  So, I improvised with Walnuts & Sunflower Seeds!  Then, I reach for the eggs and remember that they’re old.  Another fail!  I improvised and used oil instead.  Hope you enjoy my Walnut Crusted Tilapia with a side of Steamed Green Beans!

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It’s What’s For Dinner…

We recently bought some ground beef at BJ’s.  Since my husband is not a lover of beef, we rarely buy it and as a result have only used it to make tacos!  There’s got to be a more sophisticated option!  Just a quick search on Pinterest and I came across this delicious recipe for sweet and spicy Korean Beef.  I’ve adapted the recipe slightly from Six Sisters’ Stuff

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