Falling for Fall


While I am saddened that the summer is coming to a close (we barely had one) I am super excited for the fall. Fall is my 2nd favorite season and here’s why……
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Do you remember those terra cotta pets that sprouted greens? They had animals, people, even Bart Simpson! The Chia Pet had been around since the early 80’s and even though the thrill of plant growth can’t compare with the iPhone, the seeds have become quite the health sensation.


Tiny black and white speckled seeds that resemble insects, honestly aid in digestion and help make you feel full. Now, put down that extra scoop of ice cream! When wet, the seeds from a clear jelly surrounding it because they absorb ten times their weight. They don’t taste like anything and can be sprinkled on just about anything! See below for today’s lunch!


My basic lunch consists of: Baby Spinach (washed), Craisins (dried cranberries- a few handfuls), Bolthouse Meso Ginger Vinaigrette dressing and Chia Seeds (1-2 teaspoons).

As their popularity grows, Chia seeds are becoming widely available. I purchased mine at Trader Joe’s (love the store!). You ‘ll find it in the aisle with cereal and oatmeal. Other foods I’ve used them in include: mango coconut sorbet, peanut butter and toast, oatmeal, etc! I even ate a teaspoon of just Chia….definitely weird!
The only negative? You may be picking them out of your teeth later!!
Where do you use Chia Seeds??

Struffoli and Cannoli and Zeppoli, Oh My!

How do you know you’re a foodie? It’s different for everybody but I can tell you that in addition to my love for cooking (NOT cleaning!), watching cooking shows, pinning recipes and eating, I also dream about food…yes, DREAM!

This morning I awoke from a glorious dream where I was at someone’s house enjoying all the finest Italian specialties. Even in my dream I said, “These are all my favorites on one table” – and it was rather long! From eggplant and chicken parmigiana to pasta and sauce with breads and antipasto…yummy! Desserts included: struffoli, cannoli, tiramisu, biscotti, zeppoli, etc.

Unfortunately, we had to leave early but you know I went into the kitchen to get Togo containers!

As three quarters Italian, my love for food started with the love for family in our household. Family gatherings were and still are the glue that holds us together and food…well, that is what gets is there!

Paula & Tina

What do Paula Deen and Tina Turner have in common? They have both been in my kitchen.

Our beloved Paula has helped us cook so many wonderful dishes from pasta turkey bake, to my husband’s creative one-pot tomato dishes. We’ve been friends for a few years now and she even came with us when we moved from NJ.

However, one fateful day, during the time of her controversy, my husband assumed her versatility without taking into consideration her limitations. He put Paula in the oven (on broil)!! Not only is this completely absurd but very unfortunate as she could not handle the heat and had to get out of our kitchen. The result was too upsetting for me to capture and although our Paula is gone, she is not forgotten.

After a small grieving period, we welcomed Tina (Turner) into our home. Hailing from the T-Fal family, she is red, just like Paula was.

Tina is proving herself worthy, so on to new culinary adventures!

Here’s to you, Paula (Deen)!


Flossy Pork??

Eat with your taste buds, not with your eyes. This is a difficult mantra to live but it will surprise you sometimes! Frozen buns [Mantou – Chinese steamed buns] with “pork fuzz” (as I like to call it) aka meat wool, pork floss, flossy pork, etc. [Ching Yeh Pork Sung]. My college roommate was from Taiwan and this was her favorite breakfast meal when she visited NY. She would bring back these items for me to try.

























There are six per pack, from the H Mart.  You can take out the number that you’d like at a given time and place the opened bag back in the freezer.  I would put them in a freezer bag, you don’t want freezer burn!  Make sure to take off the parchment paper under each bun.  Wet a paper towel and wring it out just a little.  Open the towel and then wrap the bun, folding over the edges.  Place wrapped bun on a plate.

























Put the bun in the microwave for about 1 minute.  It will be hot when you take it out, so be careful.  Remove the paper towel and slice open the bun like you would a bagel.  Use a sharp knife, as the bun will be rubbery.

























Then, using your fingers, place a few heaping pinches of the dried pork “fuzz” on one side.  Then, simply put the sandwich back together.  Enjoy this doughy exterior with sweet, melt-in-your-mouth (literally) pork fuzz.  Your eyes may be unsure but your mouth will say YES!

Fantastic Mummies

Yesterday evening, I visited the Science Center for a special presentation of the Mummies tour. Their history was nicely displayed and very informal. Each life lived, even for just one year. The preservation of the mummification was astonishing!

Equally as great was the cuisine offered. I wish I could have snapped more! Here’s a “taste” of the grand dessert spread. The chocolate mouse cups were fantastic! (I had 2- plus other items!) Surprisingly, they were pre-packaged but still delicious.