Do you remember those terra cotta pets that sprouted greens? They had animals, people, even Bart Simpson! The Chia Pet had been around since the early 80’s and even though the thrill of plant growth can’t compare with the iPhone, the seeds have become quite the health sensation.


Tiny black and white speckled seeds that resemble insects, honestly aid in digestion and help make you feel full. Now, put down that extra scoop of ice cream! When wet, the seeds from a clear jelly surrounding it because they absorb ten times their weight. They don’t taste like anything and can be sprinkled on just about anything! See below for today’s lunch!


My basic lunch consists of: Baby Spinach (washed), Craisins (dried cranberries- a few handfuls), Bolthouse Meso Ginger Vinaigrette dressing and Chia Seeds (1-2 teaspoons).

As their popularity grows, Chia seeds are becoming widely available. I purchased mine at Trader Joe’s (love the store!). You ‘ll find it in the aisle with cereal and oatmeal. Other foods I’ve used them in include: mango coconut sorbet, peanut butter and toast, oatmeal, etc! I even ate a teaspoon of just Chia….definitely weird!
The only negative? You may be picking them out of your teeth later!!
Where do you use Chia Seeds??


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