Struffoli and Cannoli and Zeppoli, Oh My!

How do you know you’re a foodie? It’s different for everybody but I can tell you that in addition to my love for cooking (NOT cleaning!), watching cooking shows, pinning recipes and eating, I also dream about food…yes, DREAM!

This morning I awoke from a glorious dream where I was at someone’s house enjoying all the finest Italian specialties. Even in my dream I said, “These are all my favorites on one table” – and it was rather long! From eggplant and chicken parmigiana to pasta and sauce with breads and antipasto…yummy! Desserts included: struffoli, cannoli, tiramisu, biscotti, zeppoli, etc.

Unfortunately, we had to leave early but you know I went into the kitchen to get Togo containers!

As three quarters Italian, my love for food started with the love for family in our household. Family gatherings were and still are the glue that holds us together and food…well, that is what gets is there!


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