Paula & Tina

What do Paula Deen and Tina Turner have in common? They have both been in my kitchen.

Our beloved Paula has helped us cook so many wonderful dishes from pasta turkey bake, to my husband’s creative one-pot tomato dishes. We’ve been friends for a few years now and she even came with us when we moved from NJ.

However, one fateful day, during the time of her controversy, my husband assumed her versatility without taking into consideration her limitations. He put Paula in the oven (on broil)!! Not only is this completely absurd but very unfortunate as she could not handle the heat and had to get out of our kitchen. The result was too upsetting for me to capture and although our Paula is gone, she is not forgotten.

After a small grieving period, we welcomed Tina (Turner) into our home. Hailing from the T-Fal family, she is red, just like Paula was.

Tina is proving herself worthy, so on to new culinary adventures!

Here’s to you, Paula (Deen)!



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